Zinnia  Hill’s Sewing 101, Sun. Aug. 28th 1-3:30pm

Zinnia Hill’s Sewing 101, Sun. Aug. 28th 1-3:30pm


Price includes:

• 2.5 hours of hands on instruction

• Fabric & thread for



• Fabric thread and ribbon


sewing project

• All necessary sewing


You should bring:

A sewing machine in good

working order along with

pedal, power cord,

accessories for machine.

and manual.

A few empty bobbins

Sunday, August 27th 1:00-3:30

The Little Golden Fox

602 W. Main St Madison

Sorry but NO REFUNDS

  • Info!!

    We'll show you how your

    machine works, what all the

    knobs and dials are for, discuss

    feed dogs, presser feet, stitch

    length, and talk about tension,

    We'll familiarize you with the

    most useful stitches.

    And we'll help you troubleshoot.

    You'll practice everything we

    discuss as we go and we'll end

    the class by sewing a fun project

    together that you can take home

    to use.