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Embracing Slow

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Yesterday I had a really bad headache, likely due to lack of caffeine, I don’t recommend caffeine detox during Camp Corona. Long story short, I turned on the tv for the first time during my three week staycation. Those who know me well, know I am tv deprived, I do know the movie “Hocus Pocus” now! Anyway, I was lying on the couch dozing in and out with lil Fox in square 4. We live in a 4 square craftsman home. I joke that we each get a square of our home during social distancing, they don’t follow the rules very well, speaking of squares we also ration our toilet paper 🧻squares these days. I was almost asleep and lil Fox walked in and said, “give me the remote I am turning this off, I am sick of hearing about the coronavirus.” It took me a second to wake up and realize she was obviously very upset by the sad and depressing news being given by Kentucky’s new crush, Andy! (That is a totally different post😆, Thank you Nina Campbell, your always entertaining post made me google him). It quickly reminded me that something as simple as the news can quickly change ones attitude and even cause anxiety. She was in the other room, quietly listening to YouTube, working on a project and the background noise of the tv caused her to be unsettled. Needless to say, it made me realize things like the news have very little space in our home. I want to be informed but I don’t need to know an hourly update (reminds me of “Hunger Games” and I didn’t like it) of how many people this evil virus has stolen life from. One life is to many! I need to focus on staying well, doing my part, and loving on my kid while she is forced to hangout with me. It is out of my control, and I trust their are people in the medical field working tirelessly to do their best to save us. I also have two parents that watch the news relentlessly and pass on the highlights, as well as my beloved political posting friends. My whole point is, I am trying very hard to embrace the slow, simple and quiet lifestyle that has been forced upon us. I can’t lie, I love not having to hurry off somewhere everyday. I love the sincere calls, messages of people truly caring how others are doing. I especially love not having to decide what to say ”no“ to. I am definitely concerned about our future. I am concerned about my loved ones staying clear of this monster virus. I am concerned about those stuck in home fighting depression, abuse, and loneliness. I am concerned about my small business and all of those who pour their heart and soul into theirs so they can make this place better. The list goes on and on but today as I pray and do my part I am going to embrace the slow and peaceful way of life that we have all “gotten“ (i warned y‘all before my grammar/English is busted) away from. Social distancing might be what allows us to reflect on what matters, who matters, and help us find true joy. Hang in there friends, stay positive and hopeful, and most importantly keep your mind healthy!!! Attitude is always our best medicine!



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