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Change Is Good, and 2020 will be full of it at Little Golden Fox!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Y'all know I don't let things settle long. I am constantly changing things up and keeping people on their toes at Little Golden Fox. Hence the hashtag #lookwhatsheisdoingnow. The goal for 2020 is all about bringing new experiences, opportunities, and helping grow our creative community. With that said, I am finally at a point where I can take some TIME (our biggest asset) to invest in myself creatively. I love what has been happening the last couple years and that our classes are growing. I truly believe God continues to open and shut doors and I am trying hard to follow His lead. I am excited about some training opportunities and partnerships that I believe will benefit all of us. With that said, our main focus is the Creative Studio. We will still offer retail in the form of small local handmade gifts, it will be limited to Friday - Monday and of course by appointment during the winter months for now. Studio classes and individual appointments are available seven days a week by appointment and walk in opportunities will be available throughout the weekend as well. Although the doors won't be open 7 days a week I will be working and available. If the lights are on outside of those hours, check the door. I will have "pop in hours" often. You guys know how to find me, and there is a reason I am able to walk to work. I LOVE MY job, I simply need some quiet time to create, educate, and focus on my favorite job, being Lil Fox's momma!! You guys have watched her grow up in the store and I must say I have no regrets of raising her in it. Sadly she is now a teen and wants to spend time elsewhere (i just don't get it, lol) and I am not going to miss out on the last years of her being at home. You guys have heard me say, "18 opportunities" if you are lucky, well we are at 13 and opportunities are running out. That is why I opened LGF, to have balance of being a creative business owner, and momma. I am sure in a couple years, like when she can drive, I will be back in the shop working more (probably crying from nerves) but in the meantime I enjoying my last days of being welcome in her presence, who am I kidding, she has no choice, I am her Uber and I love it!! I need time to create and plan so you get the ultimate experience, I keep my sanity, and we all win. In my 8 years I have been blessed to hear your stories, experience your celebrations and heartbreaks, and I cherish that part of my business the most. It is always been my prayer that you leave LGF feeling loved and appreciated. Please follow this journey as I will be posting as things happen and feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for class. May 2020 be a year of self development and wonderful opportunities for you! I can't wait to show you some of what has been bottled up the last couple of years.

PS, forgive my grammar, my notes were beautiful in school but my attention was on writing pretty notes and redesigning the room (totally missed the mark on my career path then). Anyone wanting to trade editing skills, for pretty signs or decorating advice, apply within :0).

Happy New Year and May God Bless You!!


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